Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Club Hope Name?

Often those struggling with infertility issues can feel left out of conversations with other women about children. Unfortunately, they feel like they aren’t part of that club. Club Hope strives to be a place were those struggling with infertility issues can feel like they belong. It is a place where women can share their tears and their hopes.

Who attends Club Hope?

Our monthly meetings is primarily for women in the Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR metro area.

We usually get between 5-10 women each month. Attendees are in different aspects of the infertility journey join us.

  • New diagnosis & weighing options
  • Secondary infertility
  • Miscarriages or infant loss
  • Adoptions Loss
  • Successful IVF
  • Successful Adoption

Unlike other groups, we don’t ask people to leave if they successfully have kids. We intentionally for two reasons. First, the pain of infertility never really goes away. Second, we think the ladies who have had successful procedures can offer an abundance of practical advice. They also provide tangible hope that it is possible for infertile couples to have kids.

What usually happens during meetings?

Each meeting is unique. We usually give people chance to share what is going on in their life that month (sharing is not mandatory). Some meetings we discuss certain topics as a group (Ex. dealing with family and friends who are pregnant, potential medical procedures, hard days, what helps you deal with your infertility, etc). Other meetings we will bring in special speakers to talk about particular issues (Ex. adoption, when is it wise to seek counseling, medical procedures, etc.)

We also will schedule events where we invite our husbands to attend (Ex. Pizza night, special speakers, etc.). We are open to doing more events with men if they more become interested. Brad, Stephanie’s (the group leader) husband, is also willing to meet with the men one on one as needed.

Who started Club Hope?

Club Hope Infertility Support Group is a ministry of CrossWay Church, a newer church in the Salmon Creek area of Vancouver, WA. Their pastor’s wife, Stephanie, and a few female friends started meeting regularly. They word spread and more people began to join the group.

Her husband, Brad, helps maintain the website and is open to meeting with guys one on one to talk about infertility issues as well.

Why did they start Club Hope?

We started this group because we have struggled with infertility issues. We know how painful of a journey it can be. We kept running into others struggling with this same issue and felt like we could create a safe environment for people to share what is happening in their lives and receive support from others going through a similar journey.

What is your relationship with CrossWay Church

CrossWay Church covers the expenses of this support group because we know that those facing infertility often face huge financial costs in trying to conceive or adopt.   Most of our members do not attend CrossWay Church. We do not put pressure on you to attend or proselytize in any way.